by Dave Warner

Natalie Forteza came back to Little Falls again to perform a Christmas concert on Sunday night at the ArtDoor Gallery in Canal  Place, and the place was packed.

“This is pretty great,” said Forteza. “One of the things that I enjoy about doing Christmas shows is that I worked retail for many years and it’s about this time that you start getting a little delirious and running around and I think there’s nothing like going to see live music and getting to restore your Christmas spirit.”

She went on to say, “You guys have been so incredibly wonderful to us and I’m one of these crazy people that just love Christmas music. I don’t get enough of it, and I don’t get tired of it.”

On top of sharing traditional songs, the group performed an original Christmas song that they had written.

Forteza said, “This is just meant to be cozy and comfortable for everyone, and from my heart to yours, thank you so much for being here.”