Little Falls, NY – A new initiative begins Monday with a mission to thank Little Falls’ essential workers. While most of us are at home during this crisis, there are a lot of people who are out there every day doing their jobs in the face of these uncertain times. The goal of this new program is simple – to recognize and thank these individuals. The City, Main Street First and Think Local want to ensure that these brave people know that their work is sincerely appreciated and that the community is thinking about them. That’s what “LF Essentials: Support Those Who Support Us” is all about.

The program is simple: Starting on Monday, April 13, one worker will be selected at random and provided with $100 worth of gift cards to restaurants and businesses located in Little Falls. A new person will then be selected every day for 30 days. Mayor Mark Blask explains, “This is a small token of appreciation; a heartfelt “thank you” to those still going out to work. They are stocking shelves, taking care of community members, working in convenient stores, picking up our trash/recyclables, keeping us safe, delivering our mail. They are refilling prescriptions and washing dishes in restaurants, they are taking care of our senior citizens on top of the hill and making sure the residents at Rockton Plaza have everything they need. They are our friends, neighbors, and relatives. They are us.”

This new program is targeting a goal of $3,000 and it will be funded strictly through donations. The other benefit of this program is that the gift cards are all being purchased from local restaurants and businesses within Little Falls which will help them as well during this challenging period. Elaine Cobb, Think Local co-chair, shares, “The initial conversation with Mayor Blask, Rob Richard (Main Street First) and me was just so exciting. During this difficult time, this is great for the community and it is a wonderful way to say thank you to our essential workers.”

In addition to receiving gift cards, the randomly selected winners will be featured on the Think Local website and social media pages as the “Essential Faces of Little Falls: Moving us Forward.” The campaign seeks to provide the winners with public applause in a socially distant fashion. Think Local co-chair, Jessica Kelly, shares, “It is difficult for everyone to be apart right now, but even when we have to be apart, our community will always find a way to stay together in spirit. This is a great way to do just that on a city-wide scale.”

Little Falls prides itself on its collaborative vibe. Mayor Blask shares, “Whenever there is a successful event in the City, it is because several groups have worked together to make it happen. Whether it’s the 6,000 people who flocked to downtown Little Falls for the Cheese Festival or the throngs who went to Canal Side for the Garlic Fest – from Christmas in Little Falls to the Art Walk; they work because of collaboration. Thanking Little Falls’ Essentials is no different. This is a true team effort between the City, Main Street First and Think Local.”

While local organizations, individuals and businesses are being encouraged to help, the opportunity to contribute is open to everyone and available online. Information on the program, including how to give, can be found at or the Think Local Little Falls Facebook and Instagram pages. Donations can be made directly at