Nearly half of voters statewide hold an unfavorable view of Governor Hochul
29% of voters say they are considering leaving New York
63%+ point to broken and corrupt government as the reason
Majority of voters support Term Limits and Citizen Ballot Initiatives.

With the state legislative session over, a new Unite NY/Citizen Data poll shows New Yorkers are fed up with their state government. According to the poll of registered voters across New York state, 51% of the survey of more than 1000 registered voters said New York is headed in the wrong direction, and 46% have an unfavorable view of Governor Hochul. Nearly one-third (29%) are considering leaving New York because of the political environment, with 47% of New Yorkers living in New York City suburbs considering moving.

Nearly half of NYC suburban voters considering leaving is an uptick from the 42% statewide who said they are considering leaving New York when asked the same question in 2023. When voters were asked why they’d considering leaving New York, most cited higher taxes, but nearly 63% said: “the government is too broken and/or corrupt.”

With these troubling numbers and session ending, Unite NY is trying to address these concerns head on through their More Voices, More Choices campaign. The poll shows a whopping 72% of registered voters say they support term limits for governor. Unite NY partnered with Assemblymember Monica Wallace on legislation to impose term limits for all statewide officers, a bill Unite NY strongly supported.

The statewide poll also shows 70% of New York voters overwhelmingly back “Citizens Ballot Initiatives,” which allow voters to bypass the state legislature and place proposed legislation directly on the ballot. The Citizens Ballot Initiative empowers voters to have a say on the issues they say are the most important.

According to the poll, 47% of voters say crime and public safety is the top issue the government should address, with 37% saying there needs to be a plan developed to address refugee and immigration issues and 31% calling for more affordable housing.

“Voters in New York don’t like the direction our state is headed and want a change. We need to meet the voters where they are and give them a reason to engage in the electoral process. We’ve spent this session working with legislative leaders on embracing these results and empowering voters with more voice and more choices,” said Unite NY Executive Director Timothy Dunn.

Toplines for the poll can be found here.


Citizens Data surveyed 1,002 New York State registered voters from April 19-April 29. The margin of error is +/-3.1%.

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