Photo submitted – From left to right – Patience & William Titus and Tyiesha & Michael Cabrera.

by Elaine Cobb

As I was finishing my Pilates lesson, Jeanine Kawryga entered the Pilates Studio for her lesson. The first thing she said was, “ I just ate lunch at the new restaurant up the street and it was delicious!” Well, that got my attention! Directly after my Pilates lesson, I was heading to the House of Flavor Bar & Grill to interview the new owners for this article, so I asked to interview her and she agreed.

Jeanine said, “ It was my first time there, I really enjoyed it very much, the food was delicious, and there certainly is plenty of it. They are a very attentive staff; even the chef came out and asked if we liked our food.” She also said that there was a great variety of foods on the buffet. Intrigued, I headed to 630 East Main Street to interview manager, Tyiesha Cabrera, about House of Flavor Bar & Grill which is now operating at the site of the former East End Steakhouse.

Tyiesa tells me, “It’s a combination of different Caribbean foods; we have a Jamaican background, we have a Dominican background, we have a Panamanian background, and we have a Trinidadian background. So with all the different combinations, we put it all together and just put it as a buffet.” You can expect different flavors of all of the smaller islands we originate from; thus their name House of Flavor. “We cook with love,” said Tyeisha.

Tyeisha’s first experience cooking outside her household was at their first location in Herkimer, Jam Rocks. Her husband, Michael Cabrera, has 15 plus years of cooking at a variety of restaurants; Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, Primo’s, and other numerous restaurants from Florida to the Bronx. Once they came here they started doing our own cooking.

When asked why Little Falls, Tyiesha responded, “Something about this East End Steakhouse kept calling us in. And as we kept coming around to look at the building, we started to meet the people and the welcoming of the people. People asking can we do the restaurant here; if they would like something different. The all-around aura of Little Falls just felt right for us. It felt like home! It felt like this a good place to have our restaurant. And, Little Falls has been nothing but welcoming!”

At this time their buffet is available for dine-in or take-out. They expect to expand their offerings to include a small number of items that can be ordered off the menu in addition to the buffet. Future plans also include incorporating other parts of the building; from the bar to the banquet hall upstairs. When their bar opens there will also be a small bar menu available.

The restaurant is open Wednesday – Friday from 10:30 am – 7 pm, Saturday from 1 pm -7 pm, and Sunday from 11 am – 5 pm. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you have a large party, they suggest calling 315-508-5513 for a reservation. Stop in to meet owners, Michael Cabrera and William Titus and their wives/managers Tyiesha Cabrera and Patience Titus. They tell me that you won’t be disappointed!

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