(L-R) Sue WallaceEaton, Principal LeeAnn Dooley, Anglea Shepardson, and Niki Marie stand before the donated clothing.

By Dave Warner

This year, the employees and owner of Niki Marie’s Salon decided to start a ‘no one goes cold’ campaign, teaming up with the Little Falls City School District to acquire coats, hats, gloves, and other items for the children in the school district. They also teamed up with Connected Community Schools for the endeavor.

“We started the campaign with my manager, Angela Shepardson. We offered a five-dollar voucher for any dropped-off items,” said Niki Marie.

Shepardson said, “A lot of clients said, ‘no, no, no,’ keep it, I want to donate these. They were really nice.”

They collected about 90 new hats and gloves, which came from the salon girls. Some of the coats were new, and some were slightly used.

LeeAnn Dooley, Principal at Little Falls High School, stated, “Niki’s always got our backs any time we need anything. We know that she and other businesses will step up. We and our students get taken care of all the time. It’s a great place to live, that’s for sure.”

“We love the support from everybody in the community. It’s been great with everyone helping us with our back-to-school event. They gave over 60 free haircuts here. The coats are definitely something we need. They will go right back out to the families,” stated Sue WallaceEaton with Connected Community Schools.