The Herkimer County Office for the Aging’s Advisory Council is seeking nominations for their two (2) annual awards: Office for the Aging Person of the Year and Outstanding Contribution.

Nominees must be Herkimer County residents at least 60 years of age and have a history of volunteer service to other senior citizens. All nominations must include the name, address, and age of the nominee, along with a brief narrative (less than 400 words) of the reasons why the person should receive the award. Anyone who has been nominated before but was not selected can be re-nominated. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

The person submitting the nomination should include his or her own name, address, and phone number.

Office for the Aging Person of the Year award nomination information is also available on our website; please see, then ‘Departments,’ then ‘Office for the Aging,’ then ‘Annual Awards.’

Nominations must be received by Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Please send them to Advisory Council, Herkimer County Office for the Aging, 109 Mary Street, Suite 1101, Herkimer, NY 13350, or by email to

list of previous winners