There’s nothing like tire trouble to spoil holiday cheer when traveling home from a family visit. Luckily, it happened where local heroes live!

I pulled over with tire trouble, and a kind gentleman stopped to assist. After assessing the situation, he goes to his home nearby for tools. When unable to repair the tire, he helps put on a spare and then escorts us to a Herkimer tire repair shop, running in ahead to expedite the process. While we wait for repair, he returns with pierogies from the Ukraine church sale!

So this unfortunate situation turns into a lesson in humanity! Thankfully, there are good people out there who help without asking for anything in return, and they live in a small town in upstate NY.

Linda Gootnick
Plainfield, Connecticut

Editors Note: She didn’t get the gentleman’s name, so she felt this was the only way to share the story.