October No-Tap Bowling Tournament winners (L-R) Val Null, Kristal Reed, Randy Dawley, owner of RD’s Gorge View Lanes, Elaine Cobb, with Think Local, Mario Osiecki, Bill Fazekas, and Dom Fazekas.

by Dave  Warner

RD’s Gorge View Lanes and Think Local Little Falls teamed up for an October month of focus on bowling and trying to bring more customers to the lanes to make up for the pandemic closure and ensuing restrictions.

Elain Cobb with Think Local said that the whole idea was to help the bowling alley make it through the COVID restrictions. “We wanted to help them survive during this time.”

The bowling alley has gone through the required modifications, putting up plastic between the lanes and enforcing social distancing guidelines. “You can only bowl in every other lane now,” she stated.

“We also have raffles still going on during this time. The larger raffle items include ‘Jackel Flush’ bowling balls, a foursome of golf with carts at the Little Falls Municipal Golf Course, a three-month membership to the YMCA, and much more,” stated Cobb. “Various merchants have also contributed prizes.”

Cobb says that the raffles continue through Thanksgiving, “So stop in and drop in your raffle tickets. There are probably about twenty different prizes that you could win.”

First-place adult winners received $300, second place $200 and third place $100. The winner in the teen division received a $60 gift card.

Octoberfest Tournament 2020 Results

Women’s division

880 Kristal Reed
730 Val Null
543 Dawn Rosa
471 Pooiel Healy
753 Kristal Reed chase one time

Men’s division

880 Mario Osiecki
846 Kevin Walker
835 B.J Fazekas
818 Don Null
766 Joe Pendolf
756 Kevin Walker
756 Dom Fazekas
743 B.J Fazekas
736 Joe Pendolf
730 Dustin Reed
727 B.J Fazekas
716 Chad Walrath
702 Joe Pendolf
693 Dustin Reed
690 Dustin Reed
684 Tim Pope
677 Joe Pendolf
613 Kevin Walker
597 Kevin Avery
445 Ed N

The bowling alley is located at 240 Burwell St, and they are closed on Wednesdays, but otherwise open at 4 pm during the week and close about 8 pm. They have league play Mondays and Fridays and every other Saturday. On weekends, they open at noon for bowling.