Officers were called to the location at the time the complainant believed that he had discovered a homemade explosive in his residence. The residence is occupied by several individuals, some unrelated. Upon arrival and interview of the complainant, officers determined that it was possible an explosive device existed and may be located on the front lawn. An immediate perimeter was established by Little Falls Police, Herkimer Police Department, and New York State Police. Little Falls Fire Department was on scene for EMS duty and Fire control should there be a need.

Neighboring residences were immediately contacted by police and parties were evacuated for their safety. At approximately 0030 NYS Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team arrived on the scene. After inspection of the device, it was determined that the device could be safely destroyed at the location. At approximately 0110 NYS EOD did neutralize the device.

The area was reopened, and officers began Interviews of possible people of interest regarding the origin of the device. At this time the investigation has not yielded any information that led officers to believe there is any further risk to public safety or security.

The investigation continues.