MVCA is honored to present Vartan Poghosian, Ceramic Artist, our artist in June. The opening is the evening of June 8th at the MVCA Gallery, from 6PM – 9PM. Below is the incredible life that brought Poghosian to upstate New York.

Vartan Poghosian, a contemporary artist, was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia.  He received his education at the Mkhitar Sebastatsi Education Complex in Yerevan, specializing in Ceramic Arts and furthering his knowledge through mentorships.  Following his military service, Poghosian relocated to the United States and settled in upstate New York.  There, he embarked on a journey of teaching and volunteering at art centers and community colleges.

Initially starting with a ceramic studio, he established the community art center known as “4 Elements Studio” in 2009.  This center provides exhibition space and art classes for individuals of all ages, including children, adults, immigrants, and those with disabilities.

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, Poghosian established Clayville Pottery.  This venture became the primary platform for highlighting his original ceramic creations and artwork.

Artist Statement
Most of my concepts stem from my journeys, where I am impacted by the varied cultures, cuisines, remarkable architecture, and artistic manifestations across the globe.  I devote extensive periods of time to immersing myself in cities and uncovering their authentic nature.

Often, my creations take the form of a container, frequently delving into the notion of a vessel for travel.  I consistently view them as protectors of valuable cargo while simultaneously embodying the characteristics of a voyager.

Join us on June 8th at the MVCA from 6PM-9PM for the Opening Event, located at 401-403 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY 13365.

Facebook:  vartanpoghosian
Instagram:  vartanpoghosian