The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce a live-and-in-person presentation of four species of owls by Deb Saltis of Falcon Heart Rescue, at 12 PM this Saturday, April the Ninth, as presented and sponsored by the local educational non-profit, Beavers: Wetlands and Wildlife. The presentation will occur at the library, at 10 Waverly Place, Little Falls, in its Community Room, at no charge with no pre-registration required. All ages will be welcome to witness the unique beauty of owls, and to learn facts about them and their place in Earth’s ecological diversity.

The program’s presenter Deb Saltis is a wildlife rehabilitator who specializes in hawks, falcons, and owls. She has given programs at numerous schools and said that the robin-sized Saw-whet owl is the most popular with her audiences. Saltis will explain some of the behavior and other characteristics of these fascinating but seldom seen birds that tend to be active mostly at night.

Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (B.W.W.) is an educational nonprofit that focuses on coexisting with beavers because their dams restore wetlands that provide essential services for many wild species—and people too. B.W.W. created International Beaver Day on April 7th, the birthday of local “Beaver Woman” Dorothy Burney Richards (1894 – 1985) to carry on her educational and environmental legacies.

Dorothy Richards had a history with the Little Falls Public Library as she had worked there after graduating from high school. While working at the library, their then-Librarian Mabel Richards lent her the book “Pilgrims of the Wild” which first sparked Dorothy’s interest in beavers. Mabel happened to be the older sister of Alison Richards, who Dorothy Burney married in 1920. In a sense, the presentation will be a return home to that tradition of education and conservation!

For more information on this and other upcoming library events, you can visit the Little Falls Public Library’s website at, check out the library’s Facebook homepage at, or contact by phone at 315-823-1542. The Little Falls Public Library appreciates this opportunity to share science and learning with the community!