The passage of the Limit, Save, Grow Act in the U.S. House of Representatives gives our country a fighting chance to turn our economy around. Our nation has been in a debt crisis since the Biden Administration took office, and our hard-earned money has been spent irresponsibly. House Republicans made right on their promise to save America by introducing and passing this legislation and supporting hardworking Americans in their wallets. Oftentimes it feels as though our government does not listen to our needs as Americans, and by recklessly spending our tax dollars, it is very clear our nation is in trouble. However, in Upstate New York, our representation could not be stronger. As the highest-ranking Republican woman, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik brings our issues to the highest level of government, and by doing that, our voices are heard. Congresswoman Stefanik has been a leading voice in the fight to rein in the Biden administration’s reckless spending and voted against the latest attempt to raise the debt ceiling. I commend the Congresswoman on her consistency in protecting the hardworking people of our nation.

Thank you, Eve Gordon
Fort Plain, NY 13339