by Dave Warner

The Pizza Challenge was back on for Thursday night last week with perfect weather and a large crowd walking the street seeking the best tasting pie.

Participants purchased a ticket for $6 to sample pizza at each participating pizzeria including Ruggiero’s Trattoria, Ed’s Pizza Place, Italian Feast, Skobby’s, and Mangia Macrina’s Wood Fired Pizza. Ticket holders were then invited to have a dessert bite at Il Caffé.

Participants who got their tickets stamped at all five pizzerias were given the opportunity to cast one vote by 7:30 pm for their favorite pizza, and Ed’s Pizza Place turned out to be the winner for the 2021 season.

It wasn’t just locals who came to downtown to taste things, there was even a couple from Idaho, who had been communicating with Think Local Little Falls and Elaine Cobb, in particular, to make sure that they didn’t miss the event.

Nancy Mertz and Doug Potter are from Coeurd’alene (which means ‘heart of an awl’). Metz said, “We’re in a van with two kyaks and two folding bikes and we’ve gone up to Ontario and back, doing whale watching and we wanted to travel the Erie Canal.”

However, they had some other commitments and couldn’t do the whole canal, so they only allowed themselves four days for the canal portion of their cross-country trip.

“Little Falls is our favorite so far. We were at Canal Place wandering Lock 17, the island with the rapids on one side and we were just intrigued with the area. We were looking at the shops and heard about the Pizza Challenge.”

She said they had planned on being in Syracuse instead of Little Falls, but when they heard there were only 500 tickets, they thought they’d lose out. “I was texting Elaine asking her if I could give her a credit card. She said that she’d just hold two for us.”

Mertz stated, “We’re just really intrigued with Little Falls, it’s just beautiful.”