By Dave Warner

One of the most unusual acts to grace a stage in Little Falls happened Friday night when Terry “Mojo” Johnson performed with handmade musical instruments. He had everything from a bedpan to a Cooperstown baseball bat, and they sounded fantastic.

Once you stop laughing about the bedpan, you realize that this guy is serious and one heck of a musician who has the ability to not only play just about any instrument but any kind of music, along with a great voice.

Johnson said he’s been very fortunate making these guitars for years. He’s been on the Rachael Ray TV Show, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Easy Rider Magazine, and inducted into the NYS Blues Hall of Fame.

“I’ve opened up for national acts like the Marshal Tucker Band and met guys because of this. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, George Thorogood, all because of these guitars.”

He said he started making these guitars because of a joke. “A guy made me a cigar box guitar, and I just wanted to make him something in return. I ended up falling in love with the whole concept and what it sounded like. I was playing with my band, and I came up with a broom guitar, set it down, and everyone came up and were taking pictures of the broom.”

Johnson said they kept asking him when he was going to play it. “So four or five songs in, I went to play it, and the whole place just came up with video cameras and started taping when I was playing it. That’s when the lightbulb went off, and I’ve been making them ever since.”

To book Terry, call 315-272-6969 or visit his website at