By Dave Warner

For their first time out of the gate pulling off a major music festival, Mike George and Mark Regan left little to be desired, as the all-day event on Saturday was unbelievably successful, despite some evening rain that ran a few people off.

Featured bands were Rev-D from the Saratoga area, with local Phil Scarrano as the drummer, and Walrus from the Syracuse area, whose drummer, Jeff Mosher, also hailed from Little Falls. Headliner Dark Sarcasm, a Pink Floyd Tribute Band, was from Albany.

Regan said, “I think it went incredibly well. People were relaxed and having fun. They persevered through the weather, and there were lots of smiling faces.”

He said that the Armed Forces component was a big hit. “Teagan Brown’s voice was incredible. It brought tears to many people’s eyes.”

Regan said that the bands and stage crew were incredible to work with.

“The event brought people to Little Falls that have never been here, and clearly they want to return,” Regan stated.

“It was a good spring event, and people needed to get out and unwind, and they did.”

George said that he was delighted with the turnout. “I think it was amazing. It was absolutely incredible to see not only so many local people but people from out of the area that came in. People were extremely receptive to the event.”

He said everything went according to plan, except that their point of sale system went down at the event’s peak, and then the rain started right as Dark Sarcasm took the stage. “Other than that, what more could you ask for? The weather held out for most of the day.”

Regan said special thanks go out to Teagan Brown for singing the National Anthem and Alyssa Bladek and Juliet Johns for taking the stage during the song ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ to belt out part of the lyrics.

Photo submitted - the staff of Rock Valley Brewing (minus Danielle).

Photo submitted – the staff of Rock Valley Brewing (minus Danielle).

George noted that the volunteers were fantastic, and his staff was amazing. “The thing I heard the most was ‘thank you.’ People were so thankful that Mark and I put this on. Mark deserves a whole lot of credit for this. This was actually his idea. It started out as a conversation. ‘How can we get people to drink your beer while they’re listening to music?'”

“I’m glad I said yes,” he stated.

Regan said, “A big thank you to the great people of the City of Little Falls and beyond that once again showed their support and generosity to make things come together. They continue to make Little Falls a vibrant place to live and visit.”

“I’m amazed at the generosity of people in Little Falls and the Mohawk Valley to come together and offer all kinds of help and assistance. Many people from outside of Little Falls noted that. It’s a very giving community,” stated Regan.

George said, “This was an amazing event for the City, and all the vendors did really well. It was great to see people in the beer garden, in the street, overlooking the river, and just having a good time. It was a great event for everyone.”

“We’ll be doing this again, so stay tuned,” Regan said.