On the evening of January 22nd at approximately 7 pm, the Little Falls Police Department was dispatched to the Salisbury Street area for a report of possible gunfire. Officers, both on duty and off, arrived in the area and began their investigation.

Witnesses were interviewed, and officers subsequently interviewed people of interest. Information was gained pointing to someone seen walking away from that location shortly after the sounds were heard and reported. Officers contacted that person by phone, having knowledge and information from past encounters.

That individual volunteered their location, and investigating officers were collectively notified of the location. A NY State Police unit was in the area and located and, began the interview as our officer was approaching. Once on scene, LFPD interviewed the subject and subsequently released the subject.

Follow-up interviews continued through the evening and into yesterday. At present, the investigation remains open as officers from the Little Falls Police Department continue follow-ups today. As of this writing, we have no evidence pointing to this act being intended to physically harm another person, and the general public is not in danger. If anyone in the public has further, direct information, they are encouraged to call our station and speak with an officer at 315 823-1123.

Thank you.
Robert A. Thomas, III
Chief of Police