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My Little Falls Radio is an Internet radio station that streams Country Music with a little bit of Bluegrass thrown in. Each day there are news, sports, and weather forecasts, as well as ‘talk radio’ types of shows mixed in.

Add the skill to your Alexa device and enable it by saying “Alexa, enable My Little Falls Radio.” Once you have done that, all you have to say each time you want to listen is “Alexa, play My Little Falls Radio.”

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By searching and selecting one of the songs (below), you’ll be able to add it to the current playlist as a ‘request’.

My Little Falls Radio – Podcast Hosts

Scott Kinville

Scott Kinville

Host of Marty's Illegal Stick

If you spend even five minutes with Scott Kinville, you’ll figure out pretty quickly that he is passionate about all aspects of hockey, from stats to players, to the draft and even fantasy hockey. Kinville lives in Little Falls and is a fireman for the Little Falls Fire Department.

“There are a ton of hockey podcasts out there, but to differentiate ourselves, I want to be able to spotlight local hockey players in the Mohawk Valley, and people that have connections to the NHL. That’s going to be our thing.”

Rob Drumm

Rob Drumm

Host of Sportsbeat

Drumm’s podcast show is replacing the show called The Press Box, that was hosted by Travis Heiser. He said, “I needed a hobby kind of thing, and I don’t mind having conversations with people. I know enough people in the sports community I think to at least put together some kind of show, so why not give it a shot.” He says that he wants to get local coaches on the show, amazing athletes, and the player that they’re doing a Go-Fund Me for. “We’re a community here and we’re rebranding the show. From field hockey, bowling, football, to baseball, soccer and even badminton.”

Tiffany Rutkowski

Tiffany Rutkowski

Host of Tiffany Talk

The Tiffany Talk podcast, hosted by Tiffany Co-owner of “Creative Designs by Tiffany” floral and gift shop will cover florals, floral arranging, plants, gardening, and more. For more information visit their website at or connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Michele Hummel

Michele Hummel

Host of Hello Herkimer County

Hello Herkimer County is a bimonthly podcast from the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce, hosted by Michele Hummel. Twice a month she’ll talk about area issues, interview the people in the know, and try to keep you informed on what is happening in the County.

The Chamber’s mission is to foster a positive business environment for private and public entities operating in the County to assure the successful continuation of, and growth of, current and new business in our region.

For more information, you can visit them at

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