As the 21st century got underway

A group of people had evil planned on a certain day

Think back in time to 20 years

Remember the fear, the chaos, death and the tears

Two Twin Towers stood stately strong

Where businesses were thriving all day long

The morning skyline was filled with these buildings two

Two planes as they crashed caused an inferno by the crew

Most can remember that day and where they were

Many are stunned and hurt still in need of LOVE’s Cure

The lives torn away from the ones who cared

Every life changed once they were made aware

Another plane crashed at the Pentagon

One in Pennsylvania for those on board bore strong

Over taking those cowards whose evil deeds

Choking out over 3,000 lives with their corrupt seeds

Twenty unforgettable years have now gone by

A new generation has come forth and need to understand why

Heroes arose in the midst, those countries rejoicing sow their tears

Bombs and war became their own fears

One day swords will be beaten into plowshares we know

Prophecy is true, as war will be no more, the Bible will show

Other evils and challenges have come to the world, and of them we met

Remembering of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, we must never forget.

Dr. Wanda Faith Sewell, Th. D.