By Dave Warner

Erynn Lowery finally got the chance to cut the ribbon on Saturday for the Renaissance, which she had just recently purchased.

She said she had heard a rumor that it was for sale, and it was perfect timing for her. Lowery had already thought about having a bar/restaurant combination, but she wanted to make sure it was one where she could have creative control.

“It came together like the perfect storm. I had just come back into town and was living here, and this was available, so I jumped in with two feet.”

When it comes to changes to the building, she said that she has some plans and “Wishes and dreams. Way better air conditioning and to be able to open the front windows…things like that.”

Lowery said they would also expand the open hours and days and want brunch on weekends. “It’s always going to be an inclusive place for everybody.”

She wants it to be comfortable and something anyone who has come in since the opening in 1980 would still feel familiar with.

“I’m lucky to be the next person to hold the torch. It’s a fun-vibe place,” she said.

The menu is burgers and sandwiches (shown below). She said they’d be expanding it soon and doing a monthly taco night and specials here and there. “It’ll be good.”