By Dave Warner

Ralph Renzulli is no stranger to developing show ideas for Little Falls, as his ‘Through My Eyes” program proved. In it, he interviewed Little Falls Vietnam Vets and got them to tell their stories.

When talking about the show, he stated, “Whether you were for or against the war, Vietnam holds a huge place in our history. It is a story that we should never forget. Who better to tell that story than those who were there? What better way to tell that story than through their eyes.”

The show aired on MyLittleFalls.TV was on Roku and Amazon Fire, and the sixteen episodes had hundreds of thousands of views before COVID shut it all down.

He has a new show that will air in February called, ‘The Inside View.’

“I’ve been talking about this for a while, ever since the Vietnam show got interrupted by COVID. I really enjoyed doing it, so I thought I’d think of something; I just didn’t know what it would be,” he stated.

When Little Falls had the recent Mayor’s race, the idea came up in his mind again. “When Deborah Kaufman was running for Mayor, I thought, if she gets elected, we have a new Mayor, a female Mayor, and that could make for an interesting conversation. There are a lot of issues in Little Falls, and I thought, maybe we could start with that.”

He said, “I really do think that people in Little Falls should know what’s happening. As everybody knows, the rumor mill can be brutal. I thought – if you sit people down and you ask them the right questions, you’ll hear the answers straight from the horse’s mouth. I think it’s a good way to get the message out.”

Renzulli went on to comment that two of the things talked about in her campaign were transparency and communication. So, I will start with her, see how popular it is, and go from there.”

He said he intends to bring other people in, either from local government or other walks of life. “It could be Veterans or people who have just lived here a long time with a story to tell. Something of interest. I think people in Little Falls will enjoy it.”

Renzulli went on to say that interviews with festival organizers would also make a good topic. “I think in a lot of cases, people would rather listen than read. That seems to be the trend today.”

For the first show, he said, “People might be a little more interested because she’s committed to working full-time. There are some issues that she’ll talk about, and we’ll see what the progress is. I think keeping tabs on what issues are solved and which are not, or which are more difficult than others, will be important.”

“I intend to have a series of insightful conversations that highlight various issues and events that interest the people of Little Falls. “I think people need to know,” he said.

When asked about the upcoming interview, Mayor Kaufman stated, “I think this show is a great venue for keeping up the dialog and continuing the conversations that I’ve had with the community over the last year or so when I was campaigning.”

“We have so many incredible things going on in our City right now. Some things need to be fixed, but we have such an opportunity. I can’t wait to share some of the ideas and love the opportunity to connect with people again every month,” she said.

You’ll be able to listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and here on the website under the Podcasts menu. Just search for My Little Falls.

Photo by Dave Warner – Host of the show “Through My Eyes” Ralph Renzulli poses in front of the Veterans Memorial in Little Falls, New York.