by Dave Warner

Owner Mike George of Rock Valley Brewing Company says that they have gone through some significant updates to the brewery recently since its opening in September of 2020.

He said that they’ve made significant investments in their stage and lighting for their live music program with the help of Mike Catalina in Dolgeville. “He actually helped us put all the new stage lighting in and gave me one heck of a good discount on everything.”

George says that the changes have allowed them to take performances at the facility to the next level.

Jeff Mosher installed a new electrical panel that is dedicated to all the equipment and lighting for the stage. “We’ve had every kind of act from Jeff’s own band Walrus, who has a lot of electrical needs for their light show and fog machines, right down to a solo artist that just wants to plug a single amp in and play a few tunes for us,” he stated.

He says that they’ve made significant changes to their brewing operation. “We’ve doubled our capacity, cut our brewing time down significantly with the use of some new equipment, and have installed two new tanks.”

Lastly, George says, they have their new bridge-side beer garden. They had to create a new entrance and exit on the west side of the brewery to access the area.

“We had enough people ask us if we would have outdoor seating, so we looked at the vacant property next to us, which is owned by the State of New York. I entered into a lease agreement with them and with the help of some good friends we’ve cleaned it up and made it habitable,” George said.

He says that now you can sit under a nice shade tree, enjoy one of their craft beers, and listen to the waters of the Mohawk River while taking in the scenic views of the cliffs beyond. “You can even hear the trains come by.”

“We have more plans for expansion out here. This is just the very tip of the iceberg. Possibly firepits, possibly something pertaining to more live music out here,” he said.

They have cornhole boards outside as well.

Future plans include cleaning up the hedgerow across the street, and more cleanup in the parking lot area as well so that the view is less obstructed. “This area was so underutilized I just had to do something with it,” George said.

He says that they’re very fortunate and blessed that their customers have stood by them and really supported them. “I wouldn’t be able to do this without them and of course our staff, which is amazing. Every one of them is special in their own unique way.”

“They all add a positive energy and vibe to the place and it’s really what makes us what we are,” he stated. “The community is still fighting hand over fist to help us with anything we need. It’s amazing…I love living here.”