By Dave Warner

The Rock Valley Music Festival had perfect weather on Saturday and an excellent turnout for the four bands that took the stage.

According to Rock Valley Brewing Company owner Mike George, Max Scialdone, The Valley Rockers, the Syracuse-based grunge band the Seattle Sons, and Tom Nitti and Ashley Bryant from “The Voice” put on a heck of a show.

“I’m super excited about how it went. The weather held out for us, and being a little overcast actually helped. People weren’t baking in the sun, and the temperature was good with a little breeze.”

He said the band performances were amazing, and the crowd was great. “I think the crowd was comparable with last year. We might have had fewer people this year, but they stayed longer,” he said.

He thought the food vendors were pretty happy, and most people were also happy with the results.

“It was just a nice, laid-back day to hang out in the beer garden and in front of the stage, have a few drinks, and just listen to some great local music,” George stated.

“I had so many people come up and thank us for putting this on – some people even suggesting bands for next year, so we’re definitely doing it again in ’25.”

George said people came from Malone, New York, Connecticut, Canada, and surrounding states for it.

“We had a large number of locals as well, but a lot of faces that I haven’t seen before,” he said.

George also mentioned that people were really taken with how the old building had been converted into a brewery, the view of the water and being right on the river.

“We had a lot of good comments about our staff being pleasant and taking care of them, so it was all positive stuff,” he stated.

George also wanted to thank Mayor Kaufman and the entire City of Little Falls staff for helping to make the music festival a success.

“You never know. We may do something later in the year—we’ll see how much energy I have left,” said George.

You don’t have to wait for another festival because the brewery has live music every Saturday night, with some big acts scheduled throughout the season.