If you don’t have anything to do this Saturday, make sure you head down to Canal Place for the Rock Valley Music Festival, which will be held May 18, 2024, from noon until 11 pm.

Mike George, the the brewery’s owner, said that Max Scialdone, The Valley Rockers, the Syracuse-based grunge band the Seattle Sons, and Tom Nitti and Ashley Bryant from “The Voice” (see photos below) will all be playing.

“We’ll be starting at noon, and we have six food vendors again, just like last year – local food vendors,” George stated.

Tom Nitti & Ashley Bryant have both played at Rock Valley Brewing Company in the past. “Tom has played our place a number of times and done very well. Both of them are extremely talented, and they may be bringing in some friends with them, too,” he mentioned.

“We’ll see what happens. Tom’s back story is the American dream.”

You can listen to a full podcast interview with Mike George on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Just search for the Studio 25 Podcast Network.