By Dave Warner

Kelly Ryan’s 5th-grade class has created a community project for all of Little Falls to enjoy. They painted rocks and assembled them into a snake they named Roscoe the Rock Snake.

Ryan said that a parent of a student that she had last year gave her the idea for the display. “She knew I would like the idea, so I showed my kids and kind of let them take over. They got super excited. They named him, and they came up with a plan about how the face should look.”

Julia Yardley and the Public Library were kind enough to allow the students to place Roscoe outside the library when he had to move from Benton Hall Academy.

“The library was nice enough to let us put it over here and make it more of a community project instead of just a school project. We’re really hopeful that the community adds to it, and it becomes part of Little Falls forever,” she stated.

Yardley said, “I think this is awesome. It’s a good collaboration between Benton Hall and the library, and it will be cool to expand it and make it a little bit bigger.”

The students hope that locals will add to Roscoe or even paint rocks and create new creatures.