Photo submitted – From l-r, Allen Kazmerski, Marcia Neverusky, Cedric Reeves, and Mary Trombley.

The Rotary Club of Little Falls met on June 5th for its regular Wednesday night gathering. The meeting was highlighted by the induction ceremony for two new members of our growing club: Marcia Neverusky and Cedric Reeves. Rotarian President Mary Trombley read the induction declaration, which includes the pledge that commits all members to our motto, “Service Above Self.”

For a bit of history, Rotary was founded by Paul Harris in 1905 as a way to join friends in “doing good.”

Rotary International has since grown to over 1.4 million members, hailing from over 200 countries, all “doing good” in their communities. For some local history, the Rotary of Little Falls was founded in April of 1958, and when women were welcomed into the Rotary in 1992, Ann Carlisto became the first female to join the Little Falls Rotary. She became President soon after and continues to be a contributing member of our “Service Above Self” adage. If you see Ann Carlisto out in the community, congratulate her on being the first female of the Rotary Club of Little Falls.