by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Rotary Club organized a cleanup on the Southside along the harbor, Highway 167 coming into the City, and the Empire State Trail area.

According to Mike Evans, President of the group, “This is spring cleaning for us. We’re raking, trimming, and putting mulch around everything. We’re trying to make it look pretty.”

Evans said that they have now decided to do the cleanup twice a year because, towards the end of summer, things start to look a little bit ratty.

“We’ll come back again in August or September,” he stated.

He said along with all the raking, they are doing a lot of trash pickup. “The Girl Scouts do the bike trail. That’s their territory.”

Chris Van Meter said that she thought the Rotary had been doing this kind of spring cleanup for close to 15 years.

Evans said that he’s been a member of Rotary for ten years, and it had been going at least for that long.