by Dave Warner

Little Falls High School senior Lorenzo Scarano at 138 pounds, was pinned in the third period by number 8 seeded Joe O’Brien from Section XI Mt. Sinai in the first round of the 2019 NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships held in Albany Friday.

Scarano stated “Well, it wasn’t what I wanted or was expecting, but I got hurt and there’s nothing I can do about that. I had a great season and I’m disappointed, but I guess I  accomplished all I could this year.”

It was a setback for the younger Scarano, who grew up wrestling with his brother. “When we were younger, we wrestled a little bit in Pee Wee’s and stuff like that,” he said.

The brothers got out of the sport for awhile until the sixth or seventh grade. Scarano said “We really don’t do anything during the winter…we don’t play basketball, so let’s wrestle.”

Neiko Scarano paved the way for his younger brother, wrestling during the summer months, while Lorenzo played baseball. “From modified on, I just remember watching him wrestle varsity and I said I’m going to be there one day. The two years I got to wrestle with him on varsity were really great,” stated Scarano.

“We have our own barn thing at my Uncle’s house and we have a mat thrown out where we wrestle four or five times a week. It’ just something that we shared besides everything else that we shared as kids. It’s something we actually both enjoyed,” he said.

Scarano said his first match was really kind of sad. “I was beating the kid from some section two school like 9 to 1, wrestling pretty good and the last 30 seconds, he put me in a cradle and pinned me.”

“I’ve never been so frustrated. I just went into the locker room for about 45 minutes. That’s where the maturity comes in. You learn to handle it a lot better as you go on.”

There are some key things Scarano does before a match to warm up. “I think about the match and who I’m going to wrestle. If I don’t know them, then it’s even better. I really don’t want to know who they are, just go out there and wrestle, because when I don’t think, I wrestle the best.”

During his warmup, Scarano listens to music and he mentally tries to get into a state where he’s totally focused on wrestling. “I treat every kid like they are better than me,” he said.

“People that I take for granted beat me.”

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Scarano had claimed the Mounties’ first sectional championship since 1970 at the SRC Arena at the beginning of the month, flashing the letter “C” as a tribute to former Little Falls wrestling teammate Connor Gage while on the medal stand.

“Even though Connor really didn’t wrestle a lot, I know that he loved the sport and I know that I loved every sport that I could do with that kid. He was just an amazing kid and he means the world to me. I’m glad that I was able to represent him in such a manner and just show him that I’m thinking about him and that he’s not going away,” stated Scarano.

Scarano said “If you were to ask me a year ago if I was going to go to states, I would have told you you were dead wrong. I had no clue…I didn’t even think about it. I’ve never even placed in a sectional tournament before, so in my last year to win, it has been crazy.”

“I’m glad that I got to do it for a couple of my buddies and my family, because those are the main supporters in my life,” stated Scarano.

As to future plans? “I’ve looked at Utica and Cortland and I don’t know if I’m going to play baseball or if I want to wrestle. It basically comes down to money because they are both very good schools. If I were to narrow it down, I’d probably say I’m looking at Cortland the most. It’s all about my future.”