by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Public Library held an opening reception for Lutz Scherneck’s “No Illusions and Some Allusions” exhibit.

Scherneck stated, “Most of this is fairly contemporary stuff.”

One displayed piece was one he had given his daughter many years ago. She had decided that he could sell it but was clear on the price. “It’s a really good painting, and I’d like to show it sometime, I told her. Can I put a price on it?”

“I kept on going up, and she agreed on $5,000. It’s probably the first time most people have seen that one because it’s been hers,” he said.

Scherneck stated that several paintings show how he worked ten to twenty years ago. “A simpler type of application. I started getting into the more complex ones because it’s harder to do, but you have more things in play, and now you have to make everything work.

He said he kept pushing further with his work, wondering how many more things he could incorporate. “Layers of paint and complex colors. It looks like you just do it, but you move things around. It’s not that easy. When it’s all dry, it just looks like it sort of happened.”

This exhibition will be up through December 30th, open to the public during regular library business hours, with contact information for the purchase of the pieces available.

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