by Dave Warner

Benton Hall Academy 5th graders kicked off Wednesday night’s school board meeting with a special presentation.

Michelle Gaspa, a 5th-grade teacher at the school talked about the character education program. “We’ve made the program not just into character education but leadership qualities that they’ll need to move up into the middle school so that they can be ready.”

The program also includes time management skills and talks about kindness as well. “Mr. Ford met with the 5th grade and the teachers this year to help with the program, once a month, and now we’ve taken over and they (the 5th-graders) have now adopted the 4th-grade class,” she said.

“We wanted to show you the presentation that they gave to the 4th-graders to you tonight to see what they’ve been working on, and how hard they’ve been working,” stated Gaspa.

Gaspa wanted the people who viewed the presentation to become ambassadors for the program, in school, in the community, and in their own homes.

According to Dr. Levatino “We wanted to help our 5th-graders transition into the middle school.”

The students have also done presentations to the entire school, not just the 4th-grade classes.

The program started in September and has continued throughout the school year.