The new entrance for the Little Falls Middle School is starting to take shape, but it looks like it will be a while before students get to enter through those doors.

by Dave Warner

It appears that the Little Falls City School District is making a major change to their reopening plan, allowing K-6 to attend in person two days a week with a fully remote option, but switching to a remote learning only option for grade 7 and fully virtual for grades 8-12.

Parent information meetings on the reopening plan will be held on Tuesday, August 18th as follows:

All meetings are on Google Meet. The school district will provide recordings of the sessions for anyone unable to attend and they ask that you only participate in one of those meetings as they are capped at 250 people for each session.

In an email from the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Keith T. Levatino, stated, “The pandemic has not only created a very serious health threat, but it has also created many difficult challenges for our school district. We have been required to follow many different guidelines and timelines from the CDC, DOH, SED, and the Governor’s Executive Orders.”

He continued, “This current plan was modified and created due to the Governor’s announcement last Friday. That announcement not only informed us that school would open, but it also will mandate COVID Testing, and Contact Tracing. So the question is why did we modify our plan. Essentially, contact tracing at these levels would result in multiple grade levels for both students and faculty being affected when we have a suspected case.”

Levatino said that dividing into cohorts allowed for fewer students, smaller class sizes (to maintain social distancing), and less mass density. He said, “Every one of our classrooms has been measured and classroom desks have been placed according to all social distancing requirements/guidelines.”

“The most difficult (frustrating) task throughout this process this summer was having to redo plans, procedures, and plans as changes to guidelines and Executive Orders were announced. This was after required deadlines were mandated and met,” stated Levatino.

He said that essentially, the difference between learning remotely (7th grade) and virtually (8-12) is that data will be reviewed to see if grade 7 can eventually attend in the same manner as grades K-6.

List of Actions for Students and Reopening
LFCSD School Reopening Plan

Photo by Dave Warner – Construction continues on the Little Falls High School/Middle School building.