By Dave Warner

On Friday night, the Youth and Family Center’s gym was packed with parents and Scouts as the groups started racing using an ‘Under the Sea’ theme.

Holly Pelzer, MC’d, and when asked about the combined event, said, “Most of our families are two-scout families. They have Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts and we’ve used the Cub Scout track every year, so it just made sense to make it easier on the families and do it like this.”

She said this was the first year of trying it that way and she felt it worked out very well. “Community-wise, I think it makes it more special.”

“This worked out to be a wonderful event. I think everyone got to see how the Scouts are out in the community. There might be more sisters or brothers who might want to join,” she said.

Pelzer mentioned that sometimes, some of the parents don’t realize how involved the Scouts are in the community or that the Scouts even have a presence in Little Falls. This kind of event helps to get the word out.

“We’ll tweak it a little for next year with the Cub Scouts and everything. They all get along, and it just makes sense,” she stated.