By Dave Warner

A self-service bicycle store and repair shop is now open on the first floor of the historic Stone Mill building, across from the UPS store.

Steve Hickey owns and operates the S&H Bicycle Store. He said, “It’s set up as a self-service bike station for anyone who comes through Little Falls or stays here at the Inn. They’ve had people come here and have had problems with their bikes, so a self-service station or one where someone could be here occasionally to help out with that would be a benefit.”

He said that he’d already had some action in the store as soon as he opened. Right now, the hours of operation will match those of the Cafe’, but he will also try to be on-site for at least one day a week.

Hickey has another shop in Sloansville, New York, which is about 40 minutes from Little Falls.

“If someone has a major repair, they could bring it to my shop in Sloansville, or I could just come up here. I have everything I need right here,” he stated.

The shop has a repair stand, a good amount of tools, and the basic repair parts for almost every bike encountered on the trail.

“These are the basics of what you need, but we could easily fill this whole spot,” Hickey said. “Every inch – how crazy do you want to get?”

Hickey said this is his tenth year of providing repair services and that this is his second location away from the main store.

“I actually do mobile repair as well. They wanted to be more cycling friendly here, and this is a way to do it – to keep people moving and their bikes going.”

Hickey said he’d love to spend every day in Little Falls if he could.

For more information, you can call 518-231-0614 or visit him on Facebook.