ALBANY – State Senator Peter Oberacker (R/C – Schenevus) yesterday voted against a bill authored by the majorities in the legislature that further extends the governor’s emergency executive powers.

“Every single legislative session day since I was elected, I have voted to rescind the governor’s emergency powers.  Unfortunately, the Democrats have seen fit to leave the governor in charge and voted against that measure more than twenty times.   Now the majority has approved a bill that extends the governor’s one-man rule indefinitely.”

“Legislation is supposed to cure a problem, right a wrong, and provide help for those we represent.  The bill passed today comes up short on all accounts.”

“The businesses, schools, churches, and local governments in my district that have been looking for answers regarding the never-ending edicts, mandates, and restrictions coming from the governor will still have the same questions.”

“A governor, who is under multiple investigations, faces sexual harassment complaints, and has ordered his administration to hide the facts about deaths in our nursing homes, remains in charge.”

Instead of immediately revoking the governor’s emergency powers, as Republican members of the Senate and Assembly have repeatedly called for, the bill approved today — which has been given the governor’s stamp of approval –will:

  • Remove the current expiration date of the governor’s emergency powers, currently set to expire on April 30, 2021 — instead, that expiration date is now gone; and
  • Allow the governor to extend or modify the nearly 100 executive orders he has instituted since the start of the pandemic, as long as certain Democrats are allowed to review and comment. This proposal allows him to do so with little more than a courtesy call to the legislature because those comments will be accepted even after an order takes effect.

“When New Yorkers went to bed last night there were dozens of executive orders in place and when they go to bed tonight every one of those executive orders will still be in effect.  The exact same mandates on businesses, restrictions on our freedoms, and lack of constitutional checks and balances remain.”