The Senior Class of 2023 at Little Falls Central High School conducted an all-city food drive on May 22nd in memory of the following local men who were killed in action: Joseph “Stash” Zawtocki (Vietnam), and in Korea-Clifton Avery, Walter Bobak, William Grogan, Thomas Ochar and Milan Mosny.

Over 300 food items totaling 327 pounds and several hundred dollars in donations were collected. The student group was led by class advisors Lisa Watson and Lauren Baylor.

Food pantry director Sue Tucker said, “The kids did a fantastic job. We’ll benefit greatly from their contribution. And to dedicate their efforts to our local heroes was indeed special.”

Hunger Coalition Director Ray Lenarcic added, “Lisa and Lauren took an idea and brought it to life. Also, couldn’t be more proud of the seniors at my old alma mater, not only for collecting the vittles but, as importantly, honoring six locals who died for their country. The Coalition’s motto, “Remember Not To Forget,” was never more aptly represented.”

According to Lauren Baylor, “Mrs. White (Mandi) is going to spearhead an initiative to get the National Honor Society involved. Mrs. Tracy Wein will be joining her with Student Government to begin a monthly Food Drive next school year. If we can collectively do this, my career class will be included as the liaison to deliver the goods as one of our CDOS work-based job sites.”