by Dave Warner

The seventh annual Oktoberfest will kick off this Thursday afternoon from 4 – 9 pm. The event will feature a poker run, zombie run, kid’s games & activities, Valley Cinema movies, and specials throughout the City. New this year, will be events for tweens.

Think Local’s Elaine Cobb said, “It’s one of our original events…one of the first we ever did. It started out with the fact that I love Halloween, so we had some activities for kids on Main Street and gave out candy. That was the extent of it back then.”

However, now the event has grown significantly. “All of the kid’s events are now at the Travelodge instead of all over town. We designed the Poker Run to specifically attract the younger adult audience and we added some tween events to see how that will go,” she said.

The tweens will be able to get their hair dyed or get a design at the barbershop. They’ll also be able to play computer games at FunTechProviders on Main Street. “They’ll be able to play for a half-hour for only a dollar,” said Cobb.

There will also be gaming at Meeples Mug House. “It’s a really successful event that brings a lot of people to town and it’s a lot of fun. It’s great for families as well. They can get some great food and even a movie for three dollars,” she stated.

Cobb’s birthday is the day before Halloween, so that’s why she’s so interested in providing fun events for everyone and making sure there are plenty of decorations around town.

For more details, take a look at the flyer for the event below.

October 2019 Flyer for email