By Dave Warner

Jason Stock grew up in his dad’s garage (Stock’s Garage) and started welding at 16, but started cutting with a torch when he was only eight. So, naturally, as an adult, you figure you’d find him working with those same skills.

“I always had a mechanics background. But I went into construction for years, then started my own motorcycle shop and did that for ten years, and then decided to be just an employee for a while,” said Stock.

He worked for the New York State Lottery for four years and then for his friend’s pool company for the last five years. “We do everything: above ground, below ground, and hot tubs.”

His friend’s company is called Tucker Backyard Pool & Spas, and they have just built a new showroom in Clinton. “He’s been a friend of mine for 30 years.”

Stock said that his father would have loved what he’s doing now—working with metal, and he feels like he just needs to build stuff.

“I built a coffee stand for our house, shelving, and honestly, I planned to build mixed wood and metal like my father used to do. He did the furniture stripping and the cars. So, I’ve grown up with both metal and wood,” he stated.

He said that he really didn’t know that he was an artist or designer until he started doing these pieces. “I’ve always been a fabricator, but I’ve also been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants designer.”

Stock said that he never had any intention of doing signs. But he built a huge garage to handle all of their ‘toys and hobbies,’ and he really wanted to build wood and metal things. And, of course, the garage is his dream garage.

“There’s a million people who do wood and metal things, but I wanted to put my spin on it,” he said.

You would think that once he had the big garage, he’d figure out a business to go in there, but he said it wasn’t like that. “I wanted to build a fabrication table so I could work in my garage. More of a workspace.”

Next, he figured he needed a CNC plasma table, so he went hunting for that.

How did the business get started? His wife Corinne had him make a bunny for Easter, and she posted it on Facebook. “We ended up selling like 100 bunnies,” she stated.

Stock said, “That was the official start of our company. Then, Chickweed wanted flowers for her flower boxes, so the next thing you know, I’m cutting flowers. I’ve probably made 300 flowers since then. I bent metal stems and spray painted them all different colors.”

Having those items around got people asking him what else they could do. “A friend of ours raises beef cows, and I think they were our first real sign where I had to do design work. Now I had to teach myself how to do the computer design, so I flew by the seat of my pants and figured it out.”

“I have a background in IT, so I was able to guide us through it,” his wife said.

“My last business was kind of me – just run it and do it. But I said, if I’m doing another business, this is us. We’ve been together since we’ve been kids and married 20 years this summer. We work well together,” he stated.

Stock said that he really didn’t make it a real business until this spring. “We decided it was a real deal, so we got our LLC.”

Last year, they had the old truck in the front yard and fabricated a Class of 2023 sign for their daughter. It became popular, with tons of students getting their picture taken in front of it. “I’d see vehicles pulling into the driveway, and they’d have a preschool class that would sit on the truck and get their pictures,” Corinne stated.

How did they come up with the name? Corinne said their daughter does a lot of work with a vinyl cutter and crafts things. “I threw some names out there, and that’s what the family decided on—Shooting Sparks.”

The flying pig? Stock said, “She said I could have another business when pigs fly, so we decided to use the flying pig as our logo.”

Now, Stock said that they advertise mostly by word of mouth. “The best part of all of it is that I love working locally.”

If you look around the City, you can find some of his signage – Yoga and Wellness on Main Street and the Live Well Fitness Little Falls sign on Loomis Street are just a couple of projects that he’s finished.

“My father had a garage down below the Yoga and Wellness Center, so it was kind of humbling when I got all done and I looked back. It was nice. That’s just an iconic building,” he said.

Corinne said, “I love that all the businesses in Little Falls are supporting us.”

Stock said that if people want to know what they do, “It’s everything custom metal. We can do any signs for inside or outside—for your camp, baby shower gifts, holiday items, wedding guest book signs, housewarming gifts, birthdays—the possibilities are endless.”

He also said they really love designing signs. “We really think we’ve found a niche with that, but we’ve done beer koozie holders, torch holders, candle holders, metal railings, even chimney caps—utilitarian items.”

In fact, if you’re looking for a customized hitch cover, they can also handle that.

If you think metal, think Shooting Sparks Metal Works and the flying pig. Visit them on Facebook if you want them to design and make something for you.