One of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Mohawk Valley is from Sabin Road in Little Falls. So why would anyone want to block it with row upon row of solar panels?

SunEast is proposing a 165 acre Solar Farm on the lands of David and Jenny Grasse (AKA Secret Ponds.) Solar Panels will span both sides of Burrell Road, including the corner parcel of Burrell and Sabin Road.

The picture below was taken from the corner of Burrell and Sabin Road. Imagine this with a solid black wall of industrial-size solar panels.

I agree that renewable energy is important, but believe that this Solar Farm (panels, solar power plant, fencing, wires) should not put an end to picturesque views like this one. The panels should be repositioned to the “interior” of the 500-acre farm where they will not destroy the scenic character of the area.

The project plaque is available at the Manheim town hall, please make time to view it and voice your opinions to the town board. The next meeting to continue the review of SunEast’s proposed solar project is Oct 28th.

Thank you,
Mary Ann Ketterer
Little Falls, NY 13365