by Dave Warner

Everyone in Little Falls seems to go all-out for Halloween, and Kira Miller and Jordan Bronson are prime examples of the creative spirit that exists on this holiday. Their haunted house saw over 200 children run through it last night, some terrified, and some nonchalant about the experience.

It all starts with getting a tent up, then they have to black it all out so that no light comes inside. “We have to take heavy-duty plastic and hang it all up, so Bernie and I did that. After that, you start putting up the walls,” said Bronson.

A lot of the things were bought at Wayfair, but the family has gotten pretty creative on dressing it up and a lot of other aspects of their haunted house.  Miller’s son Alexander gets in on the fun as well.

Bronson said, “You know I work full time and we’re on a budget with this, but we have fun. I hook an iPad up to a projector in the back. I can use it for Christmas or anything else, as it has so many scenes on it. It’ll project zombies crawling up the wall, or eyes, body parts, there’s a lot of stuff in there.”

The family worked on it for about three days before it was ready for prime-time. Once Halloween is over, they take everything down and store it for next year. “I never leave anything up,” he said.

The haunted house is powered by a generator and there are fog machines as well. Bronson even threw his four-wheeler into the mix, with a body crushed under the front of it. “That’s the easiest way to make something, is to use something that you have,” he said.

Bronson used his car last year but wanted to change things up a bit. “This year we had a little more stuff..some that we hadn’t used from last year,” stated Bronson.

Miller said, “Last year, we had some people come over who live near Rotary Park and they thought there was a fire. We said, no, it’s just us.”

When they buy items for their haunted house, they do a lot of research. “I get the best fog machine by researching it. I do have a flame canon, but the only problem is, I don’t want to do it this year because of the rain,” stated Bronson.

The family travels all over to get ideas for making their haunted house even more fun. “We’ve been to Buffalo, Rochester, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania this year. Last year we were in Salem New Hampshire and Connecticut,” Bronson stated.

“It gives us something to do with my son,” said Miller. “We don’t even get scared anymore.”

The couple thinks it’s just good clean fun for the kids in the neighborhood and city. “It’s all like a family thing,” stated Miller.

Photo submitted – One section of the haunted house has a backlit screen where images are projected onto it.