Numerous Republican State Senators have chosen not to run again this year. Many of which would have been easily reelected. So why are they leaving? I think it’s because they realize that the Democrats will be running things in the Senate and they won’t be able to influence policy or bring home the bacon to their districts as they once did.

Due to the pandemic, the government will be in the red for years to come. Democrat Senators from upstate districts will have a hard enough time getting their fair share of funding, upstate districts with Republican Senators can forget about it.

I don’t belong to any political party, but having a Republican Senator representing us will lead to less revenue coming into our county. Which will require increased property taxes.

Oberacker isn’t going to be able to do what Senator Seward was able to do for our district. Therefore I believe it’s in our best interest to elect Jim Barber. He has a credible plan to hold the line on property tax by fixing the way local services are funded. As our Senator, he will have some influence on what happens or does not happen in our District.

I’ve written this with the hope of persuading independent thinkers to put their local politics aside and vote for Barber

Thomas Kadgen
District 51
Ulster County