Who should determine if / which energy projects are appropriate for your community?

[HOPKINTON, NY] We are CCRP, the Concerned Citizens for Rural Preservation, a volunteer group of ordinary citizens providing information about Industrial Wind and Solar projects in New York, based on thousands of hours of research. We have prepared a brief document to alert citizens and local officials to the September 16th release of draft siting regulations established by the newly created Office of Renewable Energy Siting (ORES) for all future industrial wind, solar, and battery storage facilities. This week we sent our document to hundreds of towns across New York State and now we want to share it with you too. You can obtain our document, the new draft regulations, and view supporting information by visiting our website at nnywind.com

When we were faced with a proposed industrial energy project called North Ridge Wind, our neighbors came to help us. Now we are coming to you to share information we have gathered about industrial energy development and the new draft regulations, but time is running short. Formal comments, public meetings, and deadlines are all due and occurring THIS month, and these regulations could become law as early as December.

We want to warn others about the frightening setback and noise limits of the new draft regulations that will establish trespass zoning of your property, the negative effects on wildlife, safety issues, generating inefficiencies, loss of tax revenue, and the possible hijacking of future desirable development in your town. If your town does NOT have local laws covering industrial wind, solar, and battery storage projects, the state’s regulations would dictate what is built in your community, whether you like it or not. This is a threat to home rule and local control over the future of land use in our rural and suburban areas. You must act now to:

1) Adopt renewable energy laws as soon as possible BEFORE the state regulations take effect. These new regulations will not go into effect until the 60-day formal comment periods have ended (currently slated for November 16 and December 6).

2) Contact the Association of Towns, the ORES Office at (518) 949-0798, General@Ores.ny.gov, or https://ores.ny.gov/form/contact-form and your county and state representatives to request an extension of the formal submission comment period on the draft regulations. The ORES office has had teams of individuals drafting these regulations since April, yet we, average NYS citizens, are expected to read, understand, interpret, and comment on over 140 pages of technical terminology in less than two months.

3) Be informed and submit formal comments on the draft regulations using an ORES on-line forms https://ores.ny.gov/regulations or submit in writing to ATTN: Houtan Moaveni, Office of Renewable Energy Siting, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12231 by the following dates: Chapter XVIII Title 19 (Subparts 900-1 -900-5; 900-7 – 900-14) until November 16, 2020: and the draft uniform standards and conditions Chapter XVIII Title 19 (Subpart 900-6) until December 6, 2020.

4) Attend one of five public hearings across the state or two virtual public hearings. Take note of registration dates for participation. https://ores.ny.gov/events

Don’t allow ill-suited industrial energy projects and battery storage facilities to force you from your homes and our beloved rural communities.

Concerned Citizens for Rural Preservation