Each student had their temperature taken as they headed back for their first day in class at Benton Hall Academy.

by Dave Warner

Students at Benten Hall Academy headed back to class Monday morning under the new COVID-19 guidelines.

Principal Joe Long stated, “Today is an extremely exciting day, but different. Our staff has been preparing for it. Our kids and families I think are prepared too as best we can and we’re hoping that everything goes as smoothly as possible.”

“We have the cohort model, so it’s going to reduce the number of kids, but it’s still going to give us kids back in school, which is what we’ve been missing for six months now,” he said.

Long said that they’ve worked out all the details on paper and in their heads, but that you never know how things are going to work until you actually attempt to do them. “We’re confident, but I still have the normal butterflies.”

Photo by Dave Warner – Benton Hall Academy Principal Joe Long talks with one of the students on the first day back at school.