by Dave Warner

A summer drone camp that was put on by The Project Fibonacci® Foundation, Inc., ended last week at Benton Hall Academy. The organization is a leader in promoting science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) educational opportunities in New York State.

Tracy Young, a STEAM Specialist for the Little Falls City School District, states, “We had originally talked about them doing a four-day long camp, but we decided on two days because the kids have a short attention span. I now think they could have done the four days because they were really engaged.”

The foundation plans out all the activities, and the school comes up with a theme. “We decided to call it ‘Mission to Mars’, so the kids built some drones and rovers and learned the basics of flying drones and coding downstairs in the gym. Up here, they learned more about Mars and different aspects of the planet and why we would do rovers there,” she said.

They also did flight simulation in the lab on the computers.

Barb Welch, with Andromada X (who was hired to assist the Project  Fibonacci folks) said, “I own a drone education company, so I own the drones and contract the staff. They tell me when they want a camp and the name of the school where we’re going to go, and I contact that school district and find out what program they want, how many days, etc.”

“We tailor our program to what they want. Because this is STEAM, we also ad arts into the mix. This is why we do all the experiments and the other hands-on things,” stated Welch.