by Dave Warner

Tony DeLuca, head of the recreation commission welcomed the new employees and thanked them for their applications and the fact that they wanted to work with the City this summer. The assembled group represented all those that would be working for the recreation commission during this period.

Deluca stated, “This is probably the only time that we’ll be together as one group because there are several locations that you’ll be assigned to.”

“What we want to do tonight is talk a little bit about the jobs that you’ve been assigned to, what the program is going to look like this year, and some of the hot points that we want to cover,” he said.

DeLuca went over the program details stating “There is a playground component and a pool component. The playground group meets in Eastern Park by the playground equipment adjacent to Benton Hall and the pool component is at the Francis Skinner Municipal Pool.”

Not all of the children will participate in both components he told the group. “A lot of people will show up at the pool because that’s a popular thing,” he said.

The summer program also consists of tennis camp, field trips and some local trips to the movies, museum, and other possible locations.

“There are some things we want to emphasize, and above all we want you to focus on safety. The parents of this community are entrusting their children to you over this seven-week program starting July 1st. You are the watchdogs of these children over that period. We want you to focus on safety and we want you to come ready to work and be presentable, to be alert and be their guardians,” said DeLuca.

He went on to say that he wanted the group to still have fun and be creative. “Present programs that are fun and interactive. Some of the most successful things that we do are when you interact with the kids and create fun activities. We encourage that and want you to do that.”

Mayor Blask added “Thanks for applying. This is a pretty popular program and we go through a lot of applications. You are in this room because we trust you and if you were here last year, you did a good job and your supervisor recommended you.”

“The most important thing as Tony said, was, we need to keep kids safe. If you have 14 healthy kids show up, then 14 healthy kids have to get back on that bus when they leave. If you don’t know what to do, ask somebody,” said Blask.

He went on to say “It’s a good deal for these kids in Little Falls. Just keep them safe and have fun.”