by Dave Warner

The summer tennis program, taught by Tiffany Rutkowski started at the beginning of July and will continue until the end of the month at Veterans Memorial Park.

Rutkowski said, “The camp is on Tuesdays from 10-12, and it’s free for the kids.”

She said that she started the program fourteen years ago and that the City then took the program on a few years ago.

“It’s free now for all the participants because of that. This year we’ve averaged twelve kids per session.”

Normally the program would have gone all summer, but because of a budget cut, she is only able to provide one month of instruction.

Rutkowski said that it’s a good program. “Most of the kids that end up doing it end up playing for the high school team. Through the years, they’ve all kind of come here and started and continued on.”

“It’s a cool program for those kids that end up sticking with it,” she stated.