The Left is doing whatever they can along with the media to save the failed Biden Presidency. They move the goalposts every chance they get and smear Republicans on every level as extremists and fascists while they openly censor every idea except their own. Biden and his fellow leftist Democrats have failed the American people with their plummeting economy, high inflation, high crime, high gas prices, and illegal immigration policies to name just a few while they hold all three levels of government.
It is hardworking Patriots who built this Country and it is going to be hardworking Patriots who are going to SAVE this State and this Country. This November, stand up to the radical Left and fight for America and actively encourage your family and friends to do the same.

This Midterm Election, it is our duty as freedom-loving Patriots to elect leaders who love this Nation and stand for America first policies. We have two such candidates in NYS and Upstate NY.
On Election Day please support Republican Candidates Lee Zeldin for Governor and Elise Stefanik for Congress in the new 21st Congressional District.

James Zecca
Utica, NY 13501