Organizing the Tea Tyme Lassies event are (L-R) Odile Obreza, Barb Mielcarski, Missy Smith and Jan Gagnon.

by Dave Warner

Canal Side Inn hosted a tea party to help raise funds for the Little Falls Historical Society on Wednesday afternoon.

Four ladies put on the event, some having been involved in this type of meeting for 10-12 years. According to Barb Mielcarski, one of the founders, “It’s called the Tea Tyme Lassies. We didn’t have a place to do the teas anymore, so I contacted Dave Casullo and said what do you think about doing a tea here at Canal Side?”

Casullo thought it was a good idea, and the restaurant was on-board with it. The menu has four courses, including soup, scones, sandwiches, and dessert. “We’ll do a door prize at the end,” said Mielcarski.

“The ladies want to sit and visit, and that’s what they do. There’s no place in the valley that does afternoon tea, and it’s a big thing after Downtown Abbey,” she stated.

About thirty women attended the event.

Photo by Dave Warner – The ladies are all gathered around for a good cup of tea at the Canal Side Inn.