Try listening to the story instead of reading it!

by Dave Warner

Teachers and administrators at Benton Hall Academy handed out personal items that students had left in the school when they were first sent home, as well as packets of instruction for the next portion of their learning on Friday and Saturday morning.

Principle Joe Long said, “Hopefully, this is our last packet delivery to get kids through the rest of the school year. We have a bucket brigade going into the school. We radio in and they bring out the correct materials for the student.”

On Friday, they had about 74 families come by to pick up materials and belongings, and on Saturday they were expecting about 100 others. “It’s going pretty well. It’s good to see the parents and kids,” he said.

“We have a great crew here, a great group of people doing this representing each grade level. They packed up all of the kid’s stuff as well. It’s amazing how much a little kid can accrue in a school year. Parents are amazed,” stated Long.

Photo by Dave Warner – Principal Joe Long and a group of teachers and volunteers helped hand out the final packets of instruction and personal belongings for students at Benton Hall Academy on Friday and Saturday.