Election officials are wrapping up the counting of ballots in New York’s 22nd Congressional District, and both competing campaigns issued news releases late in the week. Unofficial numbers still have Tenney in the lead, but the large election day lead that she had has significantly decreased since absentee ballots have been counted.

Statement from the Office of Claudia Tenney:

“Now that every vote has been counted, we have maintained the vote lead and are poised to come out victorious. This process has been long but it is critical that every legal vote be counted and accounted for. Now that it is done, I am confident that I will be certified the winner soon. I look forward to going to Washington to serve the all people of New York’s 22nd District in Congress and want to thank the voters for that privilege. I will always fight for and serve all the people of this district including those that did not support me.”

Statement from the Office of Anthony Brindisi:

“NY-22’s election officials have been working day and night to count each and every vote, which is both hard and time-consuming work. We owe these folks a debt of gratitude, and we thank them. As today’s numbers show, Congressman Brindisi continues to gain meaningful ground. With a margin this close, New York voters deserve to have their voices heard. Once every legal ballot is counted and certified, the people will decide who goes to Congress. The stakes are too high and the margin too close to rush to judgement.”

Tenney is attempting to unseat Brindisi, who defeated Tenney in 2018 when several thousand votes separated the candidates.