Mary was quite taken by surprise that day
As the Angel Gabriel came and said what he had to say
That Holy Thing Which Shall Be Born of Thee
Yes, Mary, in the Angel’s Word did Believe!
Gabriel told her what was to become
She was one to ponder and life’s change begun
Joseph was challenged by it all
On him to the Angel also came to call!
Matthew and Luke each tell it their way
Isaiah as well has plenty to say
That Holy Thing Which Shall Be Born of Thee
Will bring to the earth Light and in Christ we are to believe
For Holy Spirit will come and bring forth a seal
Allowing one day entrance to the Marriage Supper of the LAMB’s Meal!
It’s fine to celebrate Christmas with trees and lights and gifts for all
Just be sure that you do not miss God’s most important Call
Mary did not, neither did Joseph or the Prophets of old
We can read all about it in the Bible where their stories are told
Then when revelation comes forth and you see what is right
Go forth and share Jesus be it day or be it night!

Dr. Wanda Faith Sewell, Th. D.