Gary Bowman and Tera McComb pose in front of That Little Place on Main after receiving their award from POP.

by Dave Warner

That Little Place on Main received the Pride of Place Award from Preserve Our Past (POP) for demonstrating an exemplary commitment to the protection and preservation of their historic location.

Gary Bowman, owner of the diner said, “We did a lot to revitalize the building this year, bringing it back up to its historical standard. On the outside, we added the deck, replaced the back door, put up all-new screens, fixed the door on the other side of the building, and put a rock face on the front entrance.”

He said that they painted and did a lot of other little touch-up things on the outside. On the inside, “we painted, put a new floor in the kitchen, and added some new equipment. Eventually, we’ll get a new sign, and we have some other things planned for next summer.”

Jayne Ritz, with Preserve Our Past stated, “The owners are commended for using the COVID downtime to their advantage by carefully considered improvements that not only enhance their place of business but also their West Main Street neighborhood. How pleasant it is to see the chosen exterior colors coordinate with their immediate neighbor! This is surely turning lemons into lemonade – using a forced closing to fashion something with a lot of eye appeal. A perfect example of Pride of Place.”